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45 Characteristics of Healthy Relationships + The Secret to Applying Them


Of Churches, Emotions –and a Party

Some time ago, a Catholic church was allowed to be erected in my neighbourhood. We’ll pass over the fact that I can NOT believe that churches are allowed even on the FRINGES of suburban neighbourhoods –noy because I’m a non church-going member of the precarious Christian faith. Not even because I’m a snob. It’s just … Continue reading

10 Ways to Impress a Guy on a First Date

1. Arrive late, and make no excuse for it. The faster he knows his place, the better. 2. Wear something a beggar would reject, and call it ‘vintage.’ 3. Utter not a single, original thought, but rather refer to things other people have said, from your mother to your least favourite colleague. Begin sentences with: … Continue reading

Give it to me Straight, why don’t you…

You know how you love the closest of your friends for being truthful to you? No beating about the bush, telling it to you like it is, straight up like a shot of liquor, take no prisoners -in your face? Well let me tell you something. Sometimes? All of that is NOT necessary. There is … Continue reading


An Amazing Life ;-)

It’s ALL about how you SEE things! This has got to be my hero of the month 🙂

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