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Shop BEFORE you Hop!

It never ceases to amaze me how many young women and men, looking for love, end up with a total LOSER… including myself. I have, in fact, ended up with several losers, to my infinite embarrassment, and occasional bouts of torment. I think I’m a nice person –hell, we all do. Unfortunately, it is a … Continue reading

“Painus Exus” –Meet the Species

In December, my ex suddenly came out of the woodwork. At first it was an inquiry as to how I was. I hung up. Next, there was a text inquiring as to how to get a bag of shoes to me, which I had left in his custody. As I so keenly wanted to text … Continue reading

The Truth Universally Acknowledged about the “Jane Austen” Type

It is a truth universally un-acknowledged that women that I fondly call the ‘Jane Austen type’, such as I, never find their man. Oh, we might come close (I have) but on the whole we are too… assertive, too independent –we have an opinion about everything, and we aren’t shy in expressing ourselves, which, besides, we … Continue reading

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