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It IS my business

There’s a lot of this going around nowadays: ‘It’s not my business.’; ‘As long as s/he’s happy…’ ; ‘S/he’ll hate me if I say something.’ But the question is answered in the Bible: ‘Am I my brother’s keeper?’ Yes indeed. Because ‘Happiness’ certainly isn’t the goal of anything. Happiness is transient, like Peace, and Joy…and … Continue reading

Hubby and Me

I’m alerted to the fact that Seal and Heidi Klum have ‘separated’ and have decided that my pursuit of happiness must now absolutely take on a direction OTHER than love and marriage. I mean, SERIOUSLY. The status of the institution of marriage has clearly surpassed CRISIS mode, and I feel personally devastated by this last … Continue reading

A Pin in It

I need to put a sturdy pin in any interaction with my relatives, and press PAUSE to boot, because an older spinster cousin just sent me an email of encouragement on my quest to find Mr Happiness, saying, and I quote: “… but don’t worry until you find yourself voluntarily taking up crochet.” I’ve actually … Continue reading


So… I’m pouting again, but over a WHOLE other issue. I’m at my Aunt’s this weekend, and we’re giggling about my so-called ‘prospects’ on the Net, and she’s pointing at a 75-year old with a spicy resumé, saying: “If you had children with him, they would be born 40.” I remonstrate with her, telling her … Continue reading

A Slightly Green Tinge

So… one of my girlfriends is pregnant. She’s with child. She’s cooking up a person in her God-given oven. She’s… going to be a mother. And she’s not in a relationship; this was an accident. An ACCIDENT. So my first response is EWWW… WHO is having unprotected sex in THESE days? Then I thought of … Continue reading

Take Me As I Am

There is a Weddingcratic Oath amongst couples that your wedding day is the “Happiest Day Of Your Life”. It is also a blatant lie, no doubt originated by married couples in the 100s to encourage young people to marry since, through wedding planner documentaries and our real experiences (as bride, groom, or participant) we now … Continue reading

Men are in Luck –Women will date Anything!

When I was five or six, I had the very first ‘boyfriend’ that I can remember… Eric. I remember that we came together because we were both the first-borns of our families, tasked with the responsibility of taking care of our siblings, both of whom were in the same class, and at the very start … Continue reading


My date with Hans was yesterday… and it was AWFUL. For one, he was UGLY.  Except he was tall and lovely, with eyes in the perfect shade of blue, and a rather fit body. He was also supremely BORING… except he was so open, we talked about an impressively wide array of subjects, and he … Continue reading

Some of the Top Characters NO ONE should Date

Dating is difficult enough, but I hope that the Singletons out there (male and female) aren’t letting Desire or Desperation rope them into relationships with any of the following characters (more to come.) If you do suspect that you are already involved with them, act fast to save yourself. It may even be a matter … Continue reading

Roses, Romance & Rubbish

I grew up reading Fairy Tales (… and admit that I occasionally still do. There are some SUPER potential plots in there!) They made me feel warm and excited about my romantic future. You know, about the Prince I’d once meet… perhaps dressed in pauper’s clothing. The way he’d rescue me from a car accident, … Continue reading

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