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Revenge of the Jeans

There I was, at the beginning of the new year, congratulating myself for not having put on a pound. In fact, I was convinced I’d lost a couple. Convinced, I tell you… until this morning. On a Friday, absolutely NOONE can retain me from diving into one of my pairs of jeans. NOONE. I have … Continue reading

7 “Ew”s We Never Think About!

Heading into the weekend, I thought I’d share the crap that was running through my mind this morning, as I peed idly… Human beings are programmed to reach out and touch anything that intrigues or interests them -and it’s cute, really. We do it automatically as babies, when we realise that we can send signals … Continue reading

Made for You

Yesterday was my parents’s 35th wedding anniversary… I just don’t know how they’ve done it. Even as I remain In Pursuit of Happiness (at least for one more year, as I’m seriously about to give up) I can’t imagine myself making it 35 years with ANYONE. We all know what the beginning is like -it … Continue reading

If you really knew me you’d know that …

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