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Dirty (and Naked) Harry!

I’m sorry folks… I’m with most of the rest of the world. I have a soft spot for Prince Harry, and if he felt like walking about naked for a year in protest of bad alcohol and promoting the rights of prostitutes… I’d probably be right behind him. Especially with that bod on him. It’s … Continue reading

You’ll meet Someone, Older and Wiser…

I have to admit that it’s true what they say: “Wisdom comes with Age.” If not all, then at least some of it –the most important parts of it, perhaps. When I think of the things I fervently believed as a teen, it’s CRINGE-making. Even some of the things I believed just a decade ago are … Continue reading

Bart, Moi, and The MoMD

I got Barthélémy around my 13th birthday, just before going away to boarding school. Though Mum completely disapproved of him from the first, she gave in, I believe, because of guilt –and Guilt, to a child, can be a pretty powerful ally in Getting What You Want. Boarding School was never something Mum ever envisioned for … Continue reading

Men Are Evolving All Wrong

I’ve been watching my Disdainful Eye, and thought I might just tell you another thing it’s noticed: UNDERBITES. Aside from a weak chin, a non-existent backside, a backside the size of a back-pack, and thin legs… the worst thing anyone can sport is an underbite. When it’s barely noticeable, one might not see it right … Continue reading

The Disdainful Eye

According to a new friend, I suffer from the Dangerous Disdainful Eye. It is the Disdainful Eye that is preventing me from seeing the apparently THOUSANDS of suitable men that there are all around me, among whom, she assures me, there is my Baby Daddy. Smiling tightly, I told her that there may be thousands … Continue reading

The Sun’ll Come Out…

Nope, no news on the Love front. I only wish I were hard-hearted enough to share the veritable Line-Up with you of my most recent online ‘conquests’. You would weep for me, you really would… except, seriously. Are ‘good’ men not looking? Am I so hard to find?!! Still, ALL is good, and La Vita … Continue reading

The Golden Oldies

I am certainly one of those persons who believes that ‘Old is Gold’, and until recently, I found no harm in it. I love old music. In fact, the range of my favourite tunes begins between the time of the first church hymnals and whenever ‘O Danny Boy’ was first invented, passes enthusiastically through classical … Continue reading

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