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CHEER UP! Winter’s over, Spring is moving on, and Summer will soon be upon us. Beaches and Mountain paths await us with an amorous Sun, strange beautiful foods, and cocktails aplenty. But while waiting in visa places, airports, train stations and subways… and later, allowing our bodies to be sunkissed thoroughly, (or else snuggled in warmth by a low light, drifting off to sleep)  we may need a good read or two to sustain us -so this is what Ciggie‘s going to do for you!

Buy any of her 4 books for JUST $2!

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Further, you will be entered for a raffle in which you may win a tailor-made Kenyan bracelet with your [preferred] name on it, or a beautiful kanga wrap -perfect for the beach!

This offer is valid from 31st May to 31st July. Details are available on Ciggie’s Website!

Get your ideal summer read by Ciggie, and celebrate Life all over again!


Beautiful Adèle Faulkner loves her life. She is a working writer, and living happily and in the quiet sea-side town of Abereast, surrounded by what have become her five best friends. They trust and love and look after each other, protected in turn by the kind André, owner of The Wharf, where the friends meet every Friday.

Under the haze of alcohol, growing attractions and secret jealousies within the group, however, betrayals are almost inevitable and lives will change because of them. Adèle’s life is one of those turned inside out, but will this soft-hearted yet determined commitment-phobe truly be able to find happiness?

There’s A Special Offer!
Standard Price$15.00 USD
Special Offer!$2.00 USD


To commit or not to commit? After spending two years with the man of her dreams, it’s time to discuss the ‘M’-word. But is our heroine’s crippling fear of commitment going to put a spanner in the works of what has been the happiest time of her life?

In the sidelines, her best friend Lizzie Hendy can barely wait to get married –seemingly to whatever man will ask her first! Are Ties all that important?

There’s A Special Offer!
Standard Price$10.00 USD
Special Offer!$2.00 USD

CLINKS! A collection of short stories & poems

  • At the airport, a man lusts after a woman he’s never met.
  • A woman scorned is, well… very dangerous indeed!
  • A murder is being arranged… but who is the intended victim?
And more!

Whether your cup of tea is champagne & strawberries or coffee & cake, raise your glass to Clinks! –a series of short stories and poems to celebrate and enjoy rare moments of freedom in our busy daily life, in total relaxation!

There’s A Special Offer!
Standard Price$15.00 USD
Special Offer!$2.00 USD

A Cupful At Christmas 

Growing up is tough enough without having to deal with a name that your parents thought was wonderful, but that you think is a curse.

“A Cupful at Christmas” is the story of 8 and a half year-old, Freda Mandela, as she struggles to become a better person at that very special time of year.

Coddled by her busy parents and the beloved nanny that she bullies so ruthlessly, she is surprised to find out just how special she could truly be, with help from a very special little boy that she meets at the park one fine December afternoon.

There’s A Special Offer!
Standard Price$10.00 USD
Special Offer!$2.00 USD




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