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I’m positively Bridget Jones. This week, in a single evening, I ate two bars of chocolate and got tanked up, because my I was coasting on PMS and felt generally miserable… then I  did the unthinkable. With my own fair hands, dear readers, I wrote a positively DISGUSTING email to X… declaring my undying love. … Continue reading

Truth Time

I have a crush. I lie, I don’t have a crush, I’ve had a CRUSHING CRASH. Some months ago, I met, online, what I thought was a good prospect. He fulfills alll of my criteria, for a start, and I can’t imagine a better start, since I almost never meet such prospects… as you’ve seen. … Continue reading

The Story of Eiyah (Part II)

The Story of Eiyah (Part II) By nightfall, her parents, worried because she had never been late before, were raising the alarm wherever they could. In the village square, while the girls of the village gossipped wildly that she must have been drowned in the river or eaten by hyenas, a few of them indulging … Continue reading

The Story of Eiyah

To comfort myself about the complete dearth in palatable prospects, recently (we will NOT mention the 64-year old German man who, last, week, sent me a lovely short message –to which I replied with a polite thanksbutnothanks-type message–…. then criminally followed it up with three emails containing ten pages each of ‘I love you’s, poems … Continue reading

Alternatives to Sex

“Alternatives to Sex” IS indeed a good book, and half-way through I was already regretting there wasn’t more. It would have panicked me if I suspected that Mum had gone very far into the book –it is set in the world of promiscuous, gay sex, with all the politically correct and utterly embarrassing terms involved … Continue reading

Don’t Get Up…

No, this isn’t just what you tell a shockingly short man when you’ve turned up late for a date that was arranged online. It’s also what you do when, after finally getting to sleep after a busy night’s work, you suddenly fall devastatingly in love with a man you’ve literally met in your dreams. This … Continue reading

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