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Olympic Crumpet

I might have experienced Disappointment of Olympian Proportions at the overall theme of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics; but I also experienced the great Joy that overcomes one only at international events such as the Olympics and the World Cup, that comes from that ‘World United’ feeling. Kenneth Branagh and Rowan Atkinson in … Continue reading

Webcam Delights

Webcam Delights I am sorry to report yet another fruitless week, in the area of ‘Lurve’… but did I ever tell you of my American sailor? I corresponded for a while, last year, with an American oil boat captain, stationed in Eastern Africa, who, at first seemed like an exciting prospect. We chatted, and conversation … Continue reading

Cougar Syndrome?

Not yet, thank you. I received a perfectly lovely offer this week via Match Affinity, from a 25-year old who seems to match most of my demands. But no. 25 is too young. Still, I was flattered, considering a set of massages from unexpectedly raunchy 60+ year olds from Germany and France –plus a severe-looking … Continue reading

Musing on a world without Woman

I think men have forgotten (or never learned) what a Privilege it actually is, to have a woman in their lives. Without one, most men would be wandering around in the metal sheets of the buildings they’ve invented and built, looking like rapid unshaven apes –and smelling worse. They would conduct their meetings in bare … Continue reading

Writing and –will 2012 be an Annum “Painus Anus”?

For the prolific reader that I am, I must say it is quite embarrassing to admit that I just this week sampled my first James Patterson novel, 10th Anniversary. As this title implies, I am at least 10 years late in discovering this author, and upon opening the book’s frontispieces, I was completely shocked to … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Me… and a Bah Humbug!

So, I just had a birthday, and I’ll bet you want to know what I got. Well, I’ll tell you: 1)      A job interview from God (Cheers!) 2)      Sinfully delicious cake from both my sis and Mum (because apparently my hips haven’t done enough spreading recently –and worse, I didn’t care) 3)      Wine from Mum … Continue reading

A ‘Dear Charles’ Letter

The very name ‘Charles Dickens’ evokes feelings of warmth, love, laughter, and happy endings –as, indeed, this great author did in his own life. Two hundred years after his premature death, his works are still in print, and unfailingly continue to evoke the same feelings in new and old readers. How remarkable is this is … Continue reading

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