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Dating In the Future

So, now that it’s standard for girls to open up their bodies to complete strangers, either during one night stands, the proverbial ‘Third Date’, to ‘Friends with Benefits’ and any other way that they want to justify it, I have lately begun to think about what dating might look like in the future. I began … Continue reading

Prospect! …And The March Hare Contest

I had a hit in the last week. His name is James, and he actually lists the enjoyment of classical music as one of his own. He is age appropriate, lives in Kenya, writes proper English messages (with whole words and punctuation and everything) and the only thing I can’t figure out just yet is … Continue reading

The Virulous Hag

My apologies for taking entire weeks off without notice –very bad form. They have been work-filled, loveless weeks –or else you’d know about it. No, I can’t. Seriously. Seriously? SERIOUSLY you want The Count? Fine. I’ll give you a sample from one of the websites I most recently joined: limorasta: Hi there? What’s your name? … Continue reading

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