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On Teeth and Tits…

At the risk of sounding like an elderly person… It’s an absolute SHAME. In fact, it’s BEYOND that. In 1997, during one of the most anticipated boxing matches of the time, Mike Tyson scandalised the world by using his teeth on Evander Holyfield when his fists failed. It was horrifying for fans of both boxers, … Continue reading

“Tsamina-mina Zangalewa, This time back to BRAZIL!!!”

I don’t know, maybe it’s me –or is it? The World Cup is imminent once more, we’re back in Brazil (which will have the rare and high honour of hosting the next Olympics too, in 2016) …and I’m just not hearing anything. No one’s screaming or talking about the new magical Coke ad, or painting … Continue reading

“High Time”

Luvvies! It has happened! I have joined the (whatever-the-statistic-is)% of the world who are getting counselling, to sooth, smooth, and make manageable the Pain of Life. It’s been a Process, getting onto the psychologist’s couch (or firm chair, in my case, with mandatory tissue box before me). I never found it ‘normal’ to pay someone… … Continue reading

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