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The Audacity of Singeanthropus Astropithicus

Dear Lovely Followers, Friends, and Random Readers of “In Hot Pursuit…”, You may have noticed that since business picked up, I’ve begun posting weekly. You may also have noticed that last week’s post is late, which isn’t, incidentally, due to any lack of committment on my part, but rather to the OCD I suffer from … Continue reading

Of Colds, Sweat and Surgeons

One of my favourite authors, Agatha Christie, made me smile, when she advised in her autobiography, that girls who want to know whether they feel truly committed to a man or not should try to imagine them, not as they stand before them, smartly dressed, polite, savvy and saying all the right things… but rather … Continue reading

No News is Good News

Of note: Henry, 42, who’s profile unwisely tells the world that he is “always available”, unless, as I highly suspect, he is a male escort. Arthur, 38, who’s profile simply says “Wow”, I’ve no idea what about. It certainly can’t be about his own picture, in which he looks like a friar, perfect round, shiny … Continue reading

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