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Dirty (and Naked) Harry!

English: Prince Harry at a 2009 charity match ...

I’m sorry folks… I’m with most of the rest of the world. I have a soft spot for Prince Harry, and if he felt like walking about naked for a year in protest of bad alcohol and promoting the rights of prostitutes… I’d probably be right behind him. Especially with that bod on him.

It’s got me thinking though -what IS it about Harry that makes him so loveable? Why does he get away with things, in the media, that would crucify any other celebrity -for Life? It’s not just the Public adoring Harry -it’s the media too! And that’s some achievement indeed, when the vultures are incessantly sniffing around for their next victim, and their prayers resemble this: “Please let Beckham cheat, please let Beckham cheat, please, please, please…”

Funny thing is, Harry’s never played up to the media, or anyone else. He’s simply lived his life, as himself, and damned the rest. And indeed, any attempt to turn his antics into scandals have subscribed to the saying “Publish and be damned!”  They’ve been published, and been damned, and Harry’s walked away, his image untarnished.

Perhaps it is the typical prerogative of a ‘second son’, in the English familial tradition. The first son is meant to be exactly what William is -sober, responsible, well-spoken, soberly and responsibly well-spoken; and if he’s really tops, he’ll take care to be tall and handsome too.

The second son is Harry to the ‘T’. With all of the cares laid upon the shoulders of his older brother, he is free and able to live ‘normally’ -even happily- enough for both of them. If there are any of the following to be done, he is entitled to pursue them to the full: the drinking, the falling off of horses, the failing at school, the chasing of skirts, the breaking of hearts, the acting in movies, the modelling, the sky-diving and other stunts… all of these and more activities are open to him -so long as he return home safe and sound, which Harry has always done.

I think of Harry as a perfectly healthy young man, and if I wouldn’t call him handsome, I do find beauty in his face, an air and flush of Diana, which is somehow deeply touching, and endearing. I’m persuaded that when he’s done with all the high jinks, the sowing of seed, the army and the adrenaline, this young prince will make the most loving and devoted husband and father, to one of luckiest girls in the world. I wish him well with all my heart.

The hiccup with Harry’s story arrived like a bombshell, the other day, when my sister casually mentioned that he may not be Prince Charles natural son. “What do you mean?” I asked her, thinking I’d misheard. It was her turn to look shocked. “You read everything,” she marveled, ” did you never read Princess Diana‘s autobiography?” No, I hadn’t. And I haven’t. And I may never.

Princess Diana on a royal visit for the offici...

I’m afraid I wasn’t a great fan of Princess Diana’s, and even less one of Prince Charles’. She was a young frustrated girl, thrust into a world she had no idea would consume her. She wasn’t mature enough to take all of the disappointments in stride, and didn’t have the cold upper lip of royalty to behave as though she accept them. She resisted them publicly, loudly, petulantly. Like the best people, however, she somehow found in herself the strength and power to give of herself to others, even during her darkest hours. She had little else to give, so she gave her time, her attention, her kindness -and became the Queen of Hearts. She was a loving person, and all she ever wanted to be loved in return. And she was, more than she ever imagined.

English: Khloe Kardashian attending Maxim's 10...

Apparently, when Harry was born, Prince Charles was nowhere to be seen. Harry was no son of his, is what his behaviour stated, and in light of those indiscretions Princess Diana had begun becoming guilty of, this might be nothing but the truth. Certainly nothing out of character for the English royal history, which, like many others in Europe, is full of ‘bastards’ and ‘usurpers’ to the throne. More certain however, is that Harry looks nothing like William, and nothing at all like Prince Charles, excepting that they are all regally tall men. Like Khloe Kardashian, is a soupçon of illegitimacy gnawing at our Prince’s heart? Is it perhaps more serious than anyone might think? For Khloe, adversity has brought inward strength, integrity of character, brute force honesty, and staunch loyalty to herself, to family, and to all of those whom she loves. Is it doing the same for Prince Harry? I believe so, even if this disturbing feeling might drive him to go faster and further, dive deeper, and party harder. When he settles, he will be the strongest of men, with the best of characters, and there really isn’t anything more one could wish out of Life’s battering journey…

Whatever the case may be, Prince Harry is one I would applaud for living a Life In Pursuit of Happiness, and many times he has found it. I wish for him that he may continue to do so.

Here’s to all of us determined Pursuers!


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Ciggie Cramond is an author, writer, editor and translator currently living in Nairobi, where she is actively writing her next book, supporting Arsenal, and looking for The One... Online, naturally!


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