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In Hot Pursuit of Happiness

No News is Good News

Of note:
Henry, 42, who’s profile unwisely tells the world that he is “always available”, unless, as I highly suspect, he is a male escort.
Arthur, 38, who’s profile simply says “Wow”, I’ve no idea what about. It certainly can’t be about his own picture, in which he looks like a friar, perfect round, shiny head, plump cheeks and all. No thanks.
Steve is 59, and “likes to travel”, which is great, though I don’t know how he could possibly manage it since he doesn’t know how to read. His age is closer to 60 than it is to my ceiling of 40. Sweet smile, though. He looks like a lovely, warm person.
Juan Ramon, 69. SERIOUSLY? His picture is taken at what looks like an unending family function at a rustic restaurant. He has a full head of hair (lovely) except he also has one attached to his chin. And it pure, snow white. I mean…?
And then there’s James, 37, an American from Virginia. Excellent, except the picture of himself that he has chosen to put up makes him look like a convict at a Kenyan prison.
I will also just mention that there’s been a persistent “Separated” fellow, who’s temporarily in Nairobi, and looking to have a dalliance with me –WHAT is he thinking? I sent him a short note to the effect that he had lost me at ‘Separated’ which was a mistake, because my ‘DELETE’ button hasn;t been this busy in a good while.
There HAVE been a couple of interesting messages from another American fellow  who’s profile made me die of laughter. You may like to watch this space.
The weather is steadily turning rainy and cold, and I’m tempted to change my profile title to “Someone to snuggle with!”… except the consequences I imagine would be disastrous.
Still in hot pursuit!

About Ciggie Cramond

Ciggie Cramond is an author, writer, editor and translator currently living in Nairobi, where she is actively writing her next book, supporting Arsenal, and looking for The One... Online, naturally!


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